Terms and Conditions for buying / selling goods


1. General provisions of the rules.

1.1. These rules concerning the purchase and sale of goods determine the mutual rights, obligations and responsibilities of an individual who purchases goods in our online store. By purchasing goods in our online stores, you agree to the application of these Terms and Conditions.
1.2. Purchase and sale agreement between you and above mentioned online stores is deemed concluded once you add goods to the shopping cart, specify the delivery address, choose the method of payment and, after familiarizing yourself with these rules, confirm the order by ticking the box next to the statement “I have familiarized myself with the rules and I agree with them”. The agreement is valid until the delivery of goods.
1.3. Each agreement, i.e. the order of goods purchase, is stored in our database.


2. Obligations of the Buyer.

2.1. After placing an order, you must pay for goods and their delivery, as well as make other payments (if specified when placing an order) and accept ordered goods. If ordered goods are not accepted and they are returned to the Seller, the Buyer cannot claim a refund for goods. After the return of parcels and the time frame of 1 month, the Buyer has no claims for a refund.
2.2. If the data provided in your order form changes, you must update it immediately.
2.3. The Buyer must also comply with other requirements established in the legal measures of the Republic of Lithuania.


3. Obligations of the Seller.

3.1. We are committed to making efforts to enable you to use the online store services properly. However, we cannot guarantee that the online store will work continuously or that the data transmission will be error-free, we are not responsible for any Buyer’s losses related to the online store malfunctions and / or data transmission errors.
3.2. In the case of important circumstances, when we are unable to provide you with an ordered product, we undertake to offer an analogous product. If you refuse to accept the analogue of a product, we will refund the money paid within 5 working days.
3.3. If undelivered goods are returned due to the Buyer’s fault or if s/he forgets to pick them up, a refund is not available. The Seller repeats the delivery at the Buyer’s request and the Buyer’s expense. After the return of the parcels and the time frame of 1 month, the Seller considers that the Buyer no longer needs it and has no claims.


4. Payment for goods.

4.1. When paying for goods, specify the number of order in the purpose field of bank transfer. If the invoice for goods is not paid within 2 working days, the order is deemed cancelled and the reservation of goods is cancelled.
4.2. Methods of payment for goods:

4.2.1. Via the online payment system “paysera.lt”.
4.2.2. In the case of individual orders, it is possible to pay for goods by bank transfer to the bank account specified by us. We will send you the bank details required for the payment of an order to your email immediately after the completion of order formation.
Note: the transfer of money can take some time, so if an order is urgent, it is necessary to send us the transaction copy in PDF format via email, so that the order can be processed as soon as possible.
4.2.3. The delivery of orders not exceeding 50 EUR costs 5 EUR in Lithuania.
The delivery of orders not exceeding 250 EUR costs 20 EUR in the European Union, Norway and the United Kingdom.
The delivery of orders exceeding or equal to 50 EUR is free in Lithuania.
The delivery of orders exceeding or equal to 250 EUR is free in the European Union, Norway and the United Kingdom.
The delivery of orders to the USA is coordinated individually.


5. Delivery of goods.

5.1. The goods can be delivered in such ways: by couriers from DPD Lithuania, via DPD parcel lockers, to the Lithuanian Post AB or the Buyer can pick up the goods from the place specified by the Seller.
5.2. The delivery of goods is carried out in Lithuania, the European Union, Norway, the United Kingdom and the USA.
5.3. The delivery price is specified in the online store section “Terms and Conditions for the delivery of goods”.
5.4. Normally, the goods are sent to the address specified by the Buyer within 1–5 working days from the received payment for the goods and their transportation, if the goods are in the Seller’s warehouse.
5.5. The exact date of the dispatch of goods and the parcel registration number are indicated in the notice sent by the Seller to the Buyer’s email address specified by the Buyer in the registration form.
5.6. You do not have to be the recipient of the product. If you gift or buy a product to another person, when completing an order, you can indicate another person or another address to which the goods will be delivered.
5.7. After the delivery of goods to the address specified by the Buyer, the goods are deemed delivered to the Buyer, regardless of whether the goods were actually accepted by the Buyer or any other person who accepted the goods at the specified address.


6. Responsibility and privacy.

6.1. The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of data provided in the registration form. The Buyer takes on responsibility for consequences arising from the false or inaccurate data specified in the registration form.
6.2. For the breach of purchase and sale agreement concluded by using the online store, the Parties are liable in accordance with the procedures provided by the legal measures of the Republic of Lithuania.
6.3. We are not liable for the information provided on the websites of other companies, even if the Buyer access these websites through the links present in our online store.
6.4. We are not liable for the fact that the color, shape or other parameters of the goods displayed in the online store do not correspond to the real size, shape and color of the goods due to the characteristics of the display used by the Buyer.
6.5. We confirm that personal data of all Buyers will be stored in accordance with the procedures provided by law of the Republic of Lithuania. We undertake not to disclose data, except to partners providing the delivery of goods and transportation services.


7. Return of goods.

7.1. The return of goods is carried out in accordance with the established and valid legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
7.2. The return of goods can be carried out in the case when a product has a defect or lacks something. The Seller is not liable for damage to goods, when they are used incorrectly or due to the improper service work during the delivery of goods.
7.3. At the request of the Buyer, the goods can be exchanged for analogous goods. If the Seller has no opportunity to exchange the goods, the money paid for the product are returned within 14 working days by bank transfer to the bank account specified by the Buyer after the return of the product to the Seller.
7.4. After receiving the wrong product, informing the Seller about that and returning the product, the Seller must send the ordered product at his / her own expense, and cover the Buyer’s delivery expenses by bank transfer to the specified bank account.
7.5. If the Buyer did not like the color of the product, the Seller will change it to another color, provided that the returned item is in intact packaging and undamaged. The delivery expenses are covered by the Buyer.
7.6. It is possible to return the product by the Lithuanian Post (registered parcel!) or via courier services to the address indicated on our website.
7.7. The return of goods is not available to the Seller by redeemable mail.
7.8. Regarding the return of goods, write to us by email: wildchef.lt@gmail.com
7.9. The address for the return of goods:
Wild Chef Kitchen MB
Juodupio str. 33B-3, 11330 Vilnius.


8. Complaints.

We accept complaints by email: info@wildchefkitchen.com. We will respond within 15 working days.